Scientific seminar

On the 12th ofMarch Professorof Information Technology and Engineering Department Saadetdin Herdemheld a scientific seminar aboutthe journals with high impact factor, which arepublished in Turkey.

The purpose of the seminarwastointroducescientific journals of Turkey included in Thomson Reuters base and to explain the meaning and indexing system of articles.

Professor Saadetdin Herdem: "Scientific article - is a written work, revealing the results of in-depth studies. Scientific work is an indicator of a high level of scientific development. In order to publish an article, we need to know everything about the sphereof work, to have an idea about the latestdiscoveries. We must know at least whatthe top scientists in the world revealed about this theme, what methods they used in researchand what results were obtained. You mustwork very hard forpublishingan article. Deep, extensive research has made ​​our job significant. However,the topic of research must be connected withlocal conditions. Nevertheless, the increasing a number of magazines make a lot of attention to their quality".

Thus a lot of information about scientific journalsofTurkey(June 2013) indexed in the Thomson Reuters Web Of Science (SCI, SSCI, AHCI) was given in the seminar. All information submitted to the “Office of the project”site.


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