Republican Subject Olympiad is finished

In order to identify the best students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education", "Pedagogy and Psychology" , "Religion" and " Theology" on March 27th VI Republican Subject Olympiad "The Power of the Address - in education and science" was held in A. Yassawi IKTU.

At the opening of the Olympiad vice-presidents of the University B.Ahmetov and N.Shimshek wished success to participants.

Olympiad went on for 2 days. 35 teams participated in the following competitions: "Lesson-panorama", "My creative university", "The Future of Primary Education", a creative tour, theoretical essay "I am teacher-psychologist of XXI Century", a practical tour "You meet a specialist". And also research projects and other written contests were presented.

At the same time "A. Yassawi" team has taken the 1st place in the team standings for Religious Studies and Theology, "Eurasia-1" team – the 2nd place, "Farabi-2" team – the 3rd place. Among students, the highest number of points scored representative of "A.Yassawi" team – Azamat Asanov, the 2nd place – T.Tashmakova ("Eurasia-1") and E.Askenuly ("Farabi-1"), the holders of the 3rd place diplomas: R.Ruziev ("Ahmet Yasavi"), R.Kadirov (“Eurasia-2”) and N.Uttibaev (Atyrau).

The 1st place in the team standings of "Pedagogy and Psychology" specialty has taken " Farabi Youth" team, the 2nd place – "Sapa" (Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University) and "PSPI Talents" (Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute), and the 3rd place – "Bolashak" (Abay University), "Ybyray Students" (Y.Altynsarin University), "Relax" (Mangystau Humanities and Technical University). The 1st place in the team standings of "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" specialty went to the team "Great country" (IKTU), the 2nd place – "Great specialty" (KSU), "Bastau" (Abay University), the 3rd place – "Aytumar" (Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University), "Erudit" (East Kazakhstan State University), "Parasat" (West Kazakhstan State University) .

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