Research and practice conference

On March 28th, A. Yassawi IKTU has passed Republican research and practice conference "The role of the Kazakh ethnic history in formation of the idea of ​​a "Great country"

The conference is organized by Historical Research Centre "Alash" of A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University with support of South Kazakhstan Region and Turkestan city akimat.

The purpose of the conference is developing of the concept "Great country", which became the genesis of updating and systematization of cultural and spiritual values ​​generated by our history in a globalizing world. The essence of Kazakhstan's way of development – development of patriotism and national values.

The conference was opened with a congratulatory speech of Vice-President of the University, Professor T.Raimberdiev and deputy akim of Turkestan T.Musaev.

President of the Historical Research Center "Alash", Professor H.Gabzhalelov made ​​a presentation about the importance of the idea of ​​"Great country" and about the significance of the event. Other speakers considered the most pressing issues of our time.

Chairman of the Presidium was director of the Institute of Turkic Studies, Professor K.Ergobek that summed up the conference, thanked all the participants and emphasized the importance of holding such a conference in the city of Turkestan.

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