Celebration of Nauryz

Nauryz is one of the most important holidays of the Kazakh people, a symbol of peace and consent of the people.

Celebrating Nauryz in A. Yassawi IKTU held on March 19th. The event was attended by akim of the city B.Ashirbekov, president of the University, Professor U.Abdibekov, first vice-president M.Yildiz .

In connection with celebration many professors, teachers and staff of the university were awarded with grateful letters for their achievements and contribution to education.

Among those who really deserve such awards can be distinguished the brightest representatives of the university, as T.Baymahanov, B.Habibullaev, A.Abdillaev, S.Zhamalbekov, K.Berkimbaev, Sh.Orazov and N.Zhүnisova.

​​Various artists and groups appeared on the celebrating of the Nauryz: choir of 30 people with the song "Nauryz Duman", a fashion show of national costumes of different nations, dance composition "Friendship" of the group "Bisultan", painting "Seven Mothers", blessing "Kyzyr baba", various dances and songs .

On the campus proudly ascended white yurts and each department met everyone with bread and salt. Festival was held at a high level, bringing much joy to all guests and visitors.

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