Debate Club "Rukhaniyat"

The book is a source of knowledge.

 In order to focus attention on the importance of books in the modern world on March 17th a debate over "if books are read now?" is organized at the University by the "Rukhaniyat" club with the scientific library of the University.

The purpose of the debate is to find a way to get children's interest in books.

Head of Publishing house Omer Selvi talked about development of the quality of published books, responded to various questions. Umit Bostanova expressed such ideas: "The process of reading a book originates in the family. The baby hears the first song in the cradle, goes to kindergarten, school, university. In my opinion, we should start with parents, with the provision of quality education, and teachers should be able to find a language with the child. So this question we must decide together".

In the process of the debate participants answered the question whether people read the book at the present time, why interest in reading books is falling, whether their interest satisfies the Internet and whether all information on the Internet are trustworthy.

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