The Memorandum

On September 29 in the Small Hall of the Cultural center the Memorandum between Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking countries and the 

A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University is signed.


The memorandum was signed by the university President, Professor Abdibekov Ualikhan Seydildauly and general secretary of PATS Assanov Zhandos. The memorandum of understanding is directed on achievement of the general partnership.

The parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking countries is created at the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev dated on November 21, 2008. The main objective is development of parliamentary cooperation between the Turkic-speaking states. Parliamentarians of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey took participation.

The secretary general of PATS Zhandos Assanov thanked all attendees and told: "Within the activity of PATS pays to the person attention to development of cultural and educational ties. In my opinion, the purposes and tasks of Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking countries and the International Kazakh-Turkish University have same opinion. Our purpose – not only to keep the relationship  of the Turkic world, including communication formed since ancient times in the field of science, educations and cultures, but also to bring them to new level. Your university created according to the President decree – not simply higher education institution, this one of the most significant educational institutions of the Turkic world. I saw university, got acquainted with its achievements and can tell with confidence that university influence on the Turkic world - is invaluable".


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