Recently, students of the Faculty of Humanities, together with 11 students of secondary school named M.Abenova held of information introductory meeting on the theme «G-Global and EXPO-2017".

The purpose of the meeting - information acquaintance with the International Project «G-global», proposed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the framework of Astana Economic Forum and the exhibition «EXPO-2017".

At the meetingpresentations were made by Balgabay Fariza, Sangylbay Ayshorik, Ibadullaev Islam and Jamalov Nurlybek, Rahmanberdi Dinmuhammed and Zhorabekov Zhandos made their presentations and videos.

The initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev «G-Global» was praised British experts. Auditor with 30 years experience, a member of several British and international companies Peter Sheedy said: "The creation of G-Global - large open forum, like a world parliament, where it can take part either - a very useful thing." His purpose - to find talented people who are able to offer concrete ideas for improving life on earth and to solve world problems through specific measures. The project «G-global» positioned as a project intended to discuss and solve social and economic problems at the intergovernmental level. In addition, Detailed information was provided about the exhibition «EXPO-2017", which will take place in our country, which is of particular pride and requires our general support.




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Faculty of Humanities

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