The meeting with “board of women” and “board of veterans”

On February 11, in the small hall of Cultural Center of Ahmet Yassawi University was meeting with members “Board of Women” and “Board of Veterans” for purpose that to give young specialist orientation and pedagogical teaching.

For the meeting attended Vice-President of Social-Cultural Affairs and organizer of  “Board of Women” and “Board of Veterans”, Professor B.Muhammedzhanov,  Department Director of Social and Cultural Affairs L.Esentaeva and Chairman of the Trade Union A.Kenzhaliev, member of council and young teachers.

On the meeting professors told a lot of useful advices for young specialist. Chairman of the Board of Women G.G.Erkebaeva said report on theme “Do Society of Women need in Kazakhstan?” for given general purpose of council, plan and advices for younger. Also PhD, Professor R.B.Taukebaeva told her opinion about life experiences, “Happy Family” and she gave advices to be happiness women and gentle girls.

The Chairman of the “Board of Veterans”, Advisor of Rector, Professor B.I.Nakypov read report on theme “Respect Veterans”. B.Nakypov “2014 year near University created Organizational of Veterans, took account 110 war veterans and events were held in action by Respect Veterans”. We can say that our point of view the best for veterans.

Also, on theme “Unpaid debt” showed short video and shared the future plans of the organization.

The main scientific secretary of the university M.T.Asanova said on her report on theme  “Ethics of University employees” important problems and internal rules, ethics of staffs. Also, Director of Scientific Library M.A.Absemetova gave importance of value information on theme “The Informational Opportunities of Scientific Library in science and education”. At the same time presented the structure of the library in internet site (Photo by O.Nazarov).



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