Annual reporting meetings of the vice-president B. Akhmetov with teachers of faculties.

In June 4-5, 2015 a cycle of regular meetings of the vice-president of our university B. Akhmetov with the teaching staff of faculties was held, within which the results of the done work in 2014-2015 academic year were summed up, plans on following were sounded, teachers were given answers to their questions, and also their suggestions and wishes were listened.

The Vice-president of H.A.Yasavi International Kazakh-Turkish University B. Akhmetov made an opening speech, wherehe mentioned about the main changes which happened in the educational and methodical sphere of university. Namely: the salary of teaching staff will be differentiated, according to a rating of a new system of evaluation of teachers work, gradual decreasing of teachers average workload, decreasing number of subjects in the general catalog of university, desirable training of all students in foreign higher educational institutions for one semester by academic mobility. Work on activation of interuniversity cooperation was organized, within which close interaction with higher educational institutions of Turkey is entrusted directly to deans of faculties, who has signed the relevant contracts on an exchange of students and teachers by the academic mobility program.

The willingness of our university to send students and teachers to universities of Turkey for trainings was declared. In their turn, teachers expressed their support to the ongoing reforms, and also asked the questions. There were frequently asked questions concerning a vacation payment and increasing of scores on some indicative indicators. It was suggested, to transfer the function of division of hour loading on compulsory subjects to the jurisdiction of departments. These and other suggestions will be considered and taken into account at next meetings of the working commission and Educational and methodical Council.

These meetings became a necessary dialogue platform between the management of our higher educational institution and teaching staff within which an open exchange of opinions are held, which allow to conduct more balanced reforms in system of university that will allow to come to qualitatively higher level of work of university, according to the international standards. 


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