Youth organization

Youth organization

University youth organization - is the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, created for spiritual, cultural, educational and professional formation and education of youth, which models and solves socio-economic, legal and industrial issues, the actual problems of society and reveals the creative possibilities of the students.

In order to develop youth policy in youth organizations was formed "Zhas Otan" – the youth wing of PDP Nur Otan, Alliance of Kazakhstan Students, International Association of Medical Youth, International Federation of Medical Youth Association, Association of Asian Medical Youth, coordination office of student clubs "Shanyrak", Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Association "Namys", as well as nearly four thousand researchers work in the Student rectorate.

"Green Country" program, approved by the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan in  №210   on the 5th of March 2005, actively instills young people capable to work for an honest public service.

In the education center students with low social status, orphans, one parent students, people from large families have availability for free hostel, the opportunity to get a discount on study by consideration of the special committee. Besides, education center supports activists and athletes.

Goals and responsibilities of organization

• actively pursue the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan among students

• set the right inter-ethnic relations among young people

• to protect civil rights of young people

• develop patriotic feelings among youth

• monitor compliance with the Student Code of honor

• promote the ideas of  friendliness, affinity and unity of the people among students.

Work sequence and administration system of organization.

Chairman of the youth organization and a specialist in youth organizations fulfill the duties as part of the youth organization.

Chairman of the university youth organization appoints at elections by self-nomination of candidates, or by the suggestion of Vice President and the following order of President.

There are 27 student clubs in coordination office of student clubs "Shanyrak" serves in various areas for increasing the prestige of the university.

Student rectorate formed on the basis of self-government consists of student president, advisors of student president, student vice-presidents, chief of staff, chairman of the youth wing "Zhas Otan" , chairman of Turkic world students, chairman of the student alliance, student clubs chairman , chairman of IAMS, the dean of students and the secretary. They all actively perform their duties.


• Organization meeting holds every two weeks.

• Changes and additions of the work concepts of the youth organization introduced in the organization articles (approved by a majority of votes of the organization members). If chairman or the third of the organization members proposes, they may hold extraordinary meetings.

Chairman of the organization

• monitors the implementation of the above objectives and responsibilities

• directly supervises the entire work of the organization

• monitors the implementation of all identified goals and objectives

• supports students’ cultural and social activities

• protects the public and private interests of young students in enterprises and institutions

• on behalf of the organization may submit questions to the members of the youth organization

• reports to the president and vice-president on issues related to youth organization