Registration office

Office, established in September 2006, registers the subjects of students and their academic progress in certain periods, provides the organization of current, midterm and final inspections of students' knowledge. Office is a subdivision of the University and conforms to the vice-president of educational department.

Purpose: automatic monitoring and registration of providing comprehensive services to students and departments of the University, participating in the organization of close cooperation between the faculties of the University for the qualitative improvement of knowledge, skills and competence of students, analysis of student achievement.

The main references of the Registration Office activities:

• organization of the educational process;

• monitoring of the qualification of students;

• preparation of academic calendar and control over its execution;

• organization of score-rating system (SRS) and control over its execution;

• organization and control of the current examinations;

• monitoring of academic indexes, obtained during the sessions, the final evaluation and the different tests of students' knowledge;

Main types of the Registration Office activities:

3. introduction of credit system of education;

3. introduction of score-rating system (SRS) in the education process;

3. formation of students personal curriculum;

3. accounting of academic achievement;

3. organization of the summer semester;

3. grouping of students according to the chosen elective courses;

The main tasks of the Registration Office :

§ central registration of students, providing interdisciplinary electives;

§ freedom of students choice of teachers;

§ assistance of advisors for students in choosing their educational trajectory;

§ safety of the attestation and examination list;

§ provision of transcripts ;

§ free access to the attestation and examination list;

§ consulting of students on registration and re-registration of the subjects;

§ securing of the reports’ integrity and security, implementation of measures to eliminate obstacles to unauthorized certification.

Modern, rapidly changing society requires knowledgeable professionals capable of innovative thinking. They should be able to make independent decisions and to predict the results of those decisions.

Development of higher education to the world educational space in terms of integration requires the introduction of credit system. Organization of educational process in accordance with the credit system purposes the student participation in determining the trajectory of education during the whole education process, the freedom of choice of certain objects, represented in the curriculum, the implementation of the academic consultant (tutor) and a training supervisor (adviser) post, the usage of score evaluation system of students' knowledge. Inspection and assessment of students' knowledge is performed by score-rating system. According to the score-rating system scores are divided by 60 % from current examinations and 40% of the interterm certification .

There are 1 chairman, 3 leading specialists and 3 specialists. They register the whole history of student learning in an electronic database . Registration office is equipped with information technology and automated programs.

Registration office analyzes approved personal curricula official data on enrollment , intermediate results , current and final certification , the results presented to senior management and the various departments of the University .

Registration office at the suggestion of students or administration of dean and by the rectorate agreement organizes summer semesters in order to eliminate additional training or academic debt. The duration of the summer semester determines according to the academic calendar of the educational process by specialities and courses


Knowledge control system

Assessment of the students is carried out on the four-point scale.

The following types and forms of control are prescribed to assess student achievement:

§ current inspection;

§ interterm inspection;

§ final inspection.

Current inspection is the systematic examination of student achievement that teacher holds on the current lessons in accordance with the working and education curriculum in specific subject.

Intermediate inspection carries out on 7 and 15 week of theoretical classes, the results of monitoring ads to it. All information of the interterm inspection introduced in the corresponding list. The number of interterm examinations is determined by the program of academic work and submitted to the specified subject syllabus. The education program of the faculty registers results of the interterm inspection on 7th week (1 midterm exam) and on 15th  week (2 midterm exam).

In the process of the final exam the passing score records to the examination transcript and student gradebook. Score F “unsatisfactory” exhibits only in the examination transcript.

Final score is calculated by adding the results of interterm and final exam. Interterm certification on the subject requires satisfactory score on the final exam. 60% of the final evaluation consist of results of the interterm attestation and 40 % - the result of the examination.

Examination results are recorded in Platonus by the teacher in accordance with the examination transcript within 24 hours.


Student’s guide

Weekly direction of education process of students is performed by a guide. Direction indicator provides students with comprehensive information about the university, faculty, academic policy of the university, the academic calendar of the school year, information about benefits provided to students, structural units of the university, the location of university buildings in the city etc.

Technique of calculating student’s GPA (grade point average).

GPA is student's academic achievement. Average point of performance allows to stimulate creative and cognitive activity of the student, to analyze its training activities, manage the learning process . GPA (Grade Point Average) is estimated with the letters " A", " B", " C », «D» and «F», as well as the signs "+" and "-".

Average point of student academic achievement in the chosen curriculum is estimated as the GPA, which represents the ratio of the sum of products of the final estimates for loans (in numerical form) to total loans of the current period.

GRA is calculated by the following equation:

GРА= E1k1+E2k2+…+En kn)

                          (k1+k2+… +kn)

where E1, E2, ... En (1,2, ... n) - the final evaluation of the subjects in numerical terms;

                         k1, k2, ... kn (1,2, ... n) - a credit of the subject.

Example of calculating GPA:



Number of credits

Letter mark

Numerical equivalent

1. History of Kazakhstan




2. Informatics




3. English





History of Kazakhstan                     4,0 х3 = 12

Informatics                                      3,33 x 3 = 9,99

English                                            2,67 x 2 = 5,34

Sum of products                              = 12 + 9,99 + 5,37 = 27,33

Total number of credits               = 3 + 3 + 2 = 8

GPA = Sum of products / Total number of credits = 27,33/8 = 3,42

Rating of GPA can be calculated from the results of a semester, academic year or the entire study period.

The final stage of training is the state certification that matches the student's chosen specialty.

If a student who receives the required GPA score translates to the next course with academic debt, he can re-examine the subject, but only on a fee basis.

If a student enrolled in the grant remains at a second year, he loses the grant and may continue training only on a fee basis.

If the grant student scores a passing grade GPA and transfers to the next course in academic debt, he does not lose the grant. In this case, he takes on the subject again on a fee basis and passes the exam. The cost of one credit in the speciality table is defined by Department of Financial and Economic Affairs.

Using of cribs (on a piece or in electronic form, including mobile phones) will be punished by a final assessment «F» for the subject.


Transfer within the university, readmission and expulsion of the student.

Transfer of a student at the university from one institution to another, from one educational facility to another, from one language to another department , from one specialty to another , in accordance with the rules approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 110 of January 19, 2012 as amended by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan  dated 10.04.2013 , the full-time students Applications for transfer or re-admission are considered the head of the institution during the winter holidays (from January 1 to 15 , medical specialty - until February 1) and during the summer vacation (from 1 July to 25 August). Statements of the extension department students about the transfer or re-admission are considered by the head of the institution for 1 month before the regular session of the receiving institution.

Transfer of paid department student to the grant allowed the presence of vacancies, in case it has high performance and meets the requirements of MES of the RK. IKTU students can be expelled from the university in the following cases:

• on their own choice;

• in connection with the transfer to another institution;

• in violation of school regulations (in the case of non-payment for the re-training on the subject or in the period determined by the order for a transfer to a second course);

• In connection with the termination of relations with the University, unreasonable absence from classes (pass more than 20 % of the classes), long-term absence  after the holidays or as a result of foreign trips (for more than 2 weeks);

• in violation of the statute and internal regulations of the University (drunk attendance, drinking alcohol in class, participation in gambling in high school, harming of institution property, violation of the hostel regulations, antisocial disorders in the university, for violation of labor and fire safety that led serious damage);

• for serious violations of procedures established by paragraphs of student’s Disciplinary Rules.

Summer term

Registration for the summer term is conducted at the end of the even semester.

Registration for re-training on the subject («Retake») is carried out in the period established for the general registration, but primarily considered tuition, because re-training on the subject for all specialties and forms of training is carried out on a fee basis.

Summer term allows students to fix a failing grade, to make changes to an individual plan through timely study prerequisites. Required credits must register no later than three days before the start of the summer semester on a limited number of items. Summer semester is conducted only on a fee basis.

The duration of the summer semester is 5 weeks. Of these, 4 weeks - theoretical lessons and 1 week - final control. Summer term includes items that students could not learn according to the curriculum. In addition, in the summer term, students can take part from other universities with a view to pass other subjects.

Registration for courses

System of automation and information is introduced in the university to increase the effectiveness of training students, providing registration in subjects on-line detailing the order of registration. On the basis of the curriculum and Catalog of disciplines students independently form their own learning path. Student registers for the required number of compulsory subjects and selects in his opinion necessary elective subjects. A list of these disciplines is reflected in the individual study plan, which is initialed in three copies, one of which is given to student awareness of their choice.

To enable the student was able to fully master the 1st year, he is responsible for the individual educational plan, prepared in accordance with the requirements of working in the specialty curriculum.

Individual curriculum for each semester is carried out under the leadership of the Registration Office and adviser.Байланыстар


Our contacts

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Koyshygulova Dilyara Zhetpisbayevna

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Education: Kazakh State Women Pedagogical Institute


Speciality: Informatics Length of employment: 5 years


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Aldabergenova Dinara Abdukhalykovna

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